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New or Renewal Dubai Mainline Licence

Dubai Mainline Trade License

If you are in Dubai and running your own business, you will already know about the licensing process. In Dubai, all businesses require a license. If you are trading goods, or offering services you will also need the mainline license. It is not a one-time deal to obtain a license. It must be renewed. So that the people who are running their own businesses in Dubai, know how to renew the mainline license.

If you are fresh and want to make the license, below is the simple guideline for a new or renewal dubai mainline license.

Grace Period Of Dubai Trade Renewal License

The time period for a trade renewal license is 30 days. After these days you are responsible for fines. The fine starts from 250 AED. But quickly they are rising into the thousands of dirhams.

Necessary Documents To Renew The Mainline License In Dubai

Here is the list of the documents required for renewing the mainline license in Dubai.

  • The attested agreement of tenancy is required.
    BR/1 form
    A copy of your mainline license
    If you have multiple partners, then a copy of the passports of all business partners will be needed.
    A typed application for renewal is also required.

Here we will discuss the process of the mainland which needs just three simple steps.

Must Ensure Your Documents Are In Order

In order to renew a mainland trade license dubai the mainland companies submit an attested tenancy contract. The license must be valid.

Make Your Renewal Application

You will also need to submit the application for renewal of the mainland license. Copy of trade licenses and passports of all business partners can be submitted online.

Pay For Your Renewal

After submitting the application you will receive the payment voucher. You will pay the mainland license cost in dubai. After some time you will receive the renewed license.

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