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Remove Overstay Fine

How to Remove Overstay Fines in UAE

The country UAE imposes fine on those people who overstay their visas in the country. If you are from another country and you want to visit UAE, you need to be aware of the overstay fine of the UAE. You must check your visa. You must be aware of the last date of your visa. In this article, we will provide you the information on how to check fines and how to remove overstay fine.

The Fine Of Overstay in UAE

Every country has its law and regulations. Like other countries, UAE has also its laws. If you are in UAE, Whether you are living on a short-term visa or long-term residence visa, it is very important to check the last date of your visa. You must know when your visa end. Before the cut-off date or end date, you must apply for renewal. When you fail to do it, you will have to pay a fine for your overstay.


If your visa has expired and your grace time period has ended, you will have to pay an overstay fine per day. The fine for overstay in UAE per day is 50 AED. 

How To Remove Over Stay Fine?

If you have overstayed your visa in the UAE and you have incurred a fine, here are certain steps you can take to address the situation.

  • Understand the rules and regulations of the UAE.
    Visit the near immigration office or the relevant immigration authority in the UAE. Explain the reason and seek guidance on how to remove the overstay fine in UAE.
    Provide all the necessary documents.
    During your visit to the immigration office provide a clear and honest explanation of why you overstayed.

These are the basic steps for removing overstay fines in UAE. If you need any help you can contact us. We will help you to save your time and money.

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